Class assembly alert!


I am one of the digital leaders, and I have been given the task to inform everyone who is reading this what has been going in St Mary’s this week.

On Tuesday, our Netball players left early to go to a match, and they came second, well done to everyone who took part.

Later in the week, we all enjoyed a fantastic ‘Extreme Earth’ assembly from year 4! (Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Earthquakes)

Year 6 have been continuing their hard work in the run up to their SATs! We are all ready to show the tests what we can do!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!


2 trips this week!

This week in school we have been very focused, as usual!, however two very lucky classes (Y3 and Y4) got the occasional allowance to leave school for the day! Y3 had the exciting experience to go to Pizza Express to design their very own pizza, wow you never would have guessed that, whilst Y4 had the opportunity ‘of a life time’  of attending the Thackeray Medical Museum!

Also this week Mrs Pounder, the Y5 and Y6 PE teacher, held the first ever Sports Leader Lesson where Y5 and Y6 volunteers get to have the chance of learning how to become a great leader in sports.

The last remain of dinosaurs were extinct from school but the criminal master mind dinosaur will still be remembered by the exquisite displays in each class of what we got up to during the week!

Wait a minute before we go, we just wanted to say, Y6 have been working hard towards their SATs and should be given a big treat, obviously! Anyway that’s all from us for this week... BYE!!!!

Dinosaur Week

Hi guys!

We are 2 of the digital leaders and this week we have enjoyed some fun events which we would like to share with you.

On Monday evening, our school was taken over by dinosaurs! We came into the unknown on Tuesday and in the hall we had a huge shock. From CCTV footage of a real dinosaur, to a blood curdling mystery of the whereabouts of Mr Hughes, it was all going on!

Throughout the week, all of the children in St Mary’s have been doing dinosaur related activities including: making their own fossils, painting prehistoric pictures, sewing dinosaurs and hunting for clues to find out what the creature was looking for that night. The children had an amazing experience of a real break in, from a ‘thought to be’ extinct creature. KS2 even had a visit from two local police officers who were here to investigate the crime scene.

We hope everyone had a great time and hope the parents like reading and finding out more about the DINOSAUR WEEK!!! They will get the chance to come to the classrooms next week to see what we have been up to!

We wish we could investigate more on this crime, mostly because next week will be back to normal - aka SATs revision for Year 6! 

Look out for next week’s blog post!

Maddy & Amelia

Our First Blog Post! 29th March 2018

Digitl leaders.jpg

Hello and welcome to the very first Digital Leader Blog! We have been given the task to inform you all of what's been happening in and around school this week!

This week at St. Mary's we have been EGGSTREMELY busy designing our fabulous egg creations on the theme of....Science! Well done to the lucky winners from each class, but that's not it with eggs...

On Monday, a normal day of school, we had an Easter egg raffle! 2 children from each class, one from each a key stage and an overall one were the winners of some amazing eggs!

That's enough with the EGGciting happenings, let's get on with other news!

We joined up with Holy Name and Year 4 had their very own learning experience at another school. How much did you enjoy yourselves Year 4?

We have also had a big focus on RE this week since it is Holy Week. We have explored all the events of Holy Week as well as looking at Jesus's journey on Good Friday through the Stations of the Cross.

Finally there has been a lot of sporting events this week. The hockey team represented Leeds at the West Yorkshire Games at Leeds Becket University, the Netball team had a match at home against Sacred Heart, winning a fantastic 8-2, and finally the football team had a tense game against Primrose Lane which was a quarter final match in the League. Unfortunately they lost at the very end on penalties, 4 -3. A great effort though team, well done!

And that's the very first blog! Have a great Easter!