ICT Mark

The Self-review Framework is an online tool launched in April 2006 to assist schools in identifying, improving and benchmarking the use of technology in learning, teaching and management of schools.  Schools evaluate their progress against a four-level scale for aspects of development grouped under six major elements, such as Curriculum, Leadership and Management, Professional Development and Learning.

In 2011 Naace was requested by the Department for Education to take over the Self-review Framework from Becta and develop a model to ensure its sustainability for the future benefit of schools.
The ICT Mark is an integral part of the Self-review Framework.  It is recognition of a school’s achievements in reaching a standard of maturity in their use of technology.  This optional accreditation is evidence that the school has undergone an extensive and thorough review of its use of technology.  Award of the ICT Mark is made when the school has satisfied an Assessor that their plans and provisions have met or exceeded the national standard.
Naace is the professional association for those concerned with advancing education through the appropriate use of technology.  Naace created the Naacemark for Schools scheme, which was a predecessor of the ICT Mark. 
Please find below a copy of the ICT Mark Report from Naace that details the success we have had in achieving the ICT Mark status.