This week we have been learning about the story of Jesus and the man up the tree. We went outside to act out the story and came and enjoyed some food just as Jesus did with Zaccheaus. We have learnt a song and mixed our own shades to green to make fig sycamore leaves for our classroom display.

Post office maths

Post office maths
This week a role play post office has appeared in our maths area. Inspired by our post office we worked in small groups to add up the letters in the post box and add 1 more to 20. Some of us worked on 2 and 3 more! Watch this space for more photos of us working in the St Mary's post office.

St Mary's pop up shop

We have been busy learning about money through play. We have had a pop up shop in class and each day a group of children have chosen its location, priced up items, selected the stock and used real money to buy the goods. The children have been so excited to see where the shop will be next and what they can buy. We have all had great fun buying all sorts of things . We have worked on coin recognition with coin rubbings and counting coins in our wishing well.


We have learning all about our emotions and feelings. We have made emotion masks to help us learn how to tell how people are feeling from looking at heir faces. In PE we have learnt about the " Mood Monsters" and used movement to explore how are bodies change with our emotions.