Autumn 2 - St Elizabeth of Hungry Feast Day

As part of our topic "God's Family" topic in Religious Education we have learnt about St Elizabeth who looked after other people. This week we made rose bread to celebrate St Elizabeth of Hungry's feast day. We made our own mini loaf to take home and learnt all about how bread rises. We decorated our loaf and also a large cross. We learn about St Elizabeth and the "miracle of the roses". Thank you to all the parents who posted on Tapestry photos of families sharing their rose bread. Our first class Mass with our Year 6 buddies took place this week. We also took part in fundraising for "Children in Need". 

Autumn 2 - Bonfire Night

As part of our "Celebration and  Festivals" topic we have been learning about Bonfire Night. We have been playing with the Bonfire Night small world and exploring transient art inspired by fireworks. On the night of the school fireworks we made edible sparklers. We have learnt all about keeping safe with fireworks! 

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Autumn 1 - Rosary Day

Throughout the month of October we have been learning about Mary and the Rosary. Today is a celebration of all we have learnt. We made mini rosaries and a special picture of the Annunciation. During our whole school assembly Reception children sang a beautiful song about the Angel Gabriel telling Mary she was going to be Jesus' mother. 

Autumn 1 - God's World

Our topic this half term in Religious Education is God's World. We have learnt all about how God wants us to look after the earth and all the animals. We learnt about the letter Pope Francis sent called "Laudato Si'"  which asks every person on the planet to look after "our common home". To help us learn about environmental issues we made a world and saw the problems of pollution,  deforestation and global warming. We are all trying to do something to help care for the world. We are helping each other switch off the lights and recycle at home and school. Thank you to all the parents who have posted on Tapestry showing us how the children have been trying hard to take care of the Earth at home.  

Autumn 1 - St Francis Feast Day

St Francis is Receptions' class saint and today ( 4/10/17)  is his feast day. St Francis has a special job of looking after animals. We brought our cuddly animals to school as part of our special class worship today.  We learn about St Francis preaching to the birds in Godly Play. We made bird feeders to take home and put in a green space. At the end of the day we had a little party to celebrate!