Thornton Hall Farm

The children had a wonderful day out at Thornton Hall Farm, they had the chance to feed the animals, collect the eggs for Farmer Donna, pet some small animals, meet some slightly scarier ones such as spiders, snakes and scorpions. They all loved rolling / running down the big hill and playing in the play barn.

British Science Week

The children in Reception accepted the challenge of being scientists for the week. They all had to take part in 5 investigations to earn their Early Years Explorer Award.

Monday’s investigation was ‘Tunnel Building’ and they had to plan, design and build a tunnel using wet sand, pebbles and lolly pop sticks. They had to try at first to build with the materials by themselves then they could combine all 3.

Tuesday’s Challenge was ‘Be seen, Be safe’, were they had to discover which material was the best colour to wear at night in the dark.

Wednesday’s experiment was with ‘Skittles’ which caused much excitement… and they had to decide which plate the colour’s would run out of the sweets the quickest, the hot water or the cold water plate.

Thursday’s challenge was to make a ‘Time capsule’ which they will open at the end of Year 1.

Friday’s investigation was ‘Slippery slopes’, we talked about making it a fair test and the children made their predictions at the start to decide which liquid would be the quickest to the bottom of the shoot: oil, water, syrup and paint.

They all deserved their Early Years Explore Award, Well done Reception!

Climbing Wall

The children in Reception ALL had a go on the climbing wall and showed such determination to succeed. They showed great resilience and strength of character to give it ago, especially when it looked so high (the children estimated that the wall was as tall as the school); especially when you are only 4 and 5 years old!

All children supported, cheered and clapped each other on, Miss Roberts and Mrs Quinn are extremely proud of all the children in reception; great job everyone!.

What a wonderful way to end Mental Health Awareness Week.

Advent Activities

What a busy December Reception have had!

It started off with families coming in for the Advent Workshop to make some wonderful Christmas crafts. We were then visited by ‘Ernest the Energetic Elf’ who had fallen out of Father Christmas sleigh, Ernest then built an Elf’s workshop over night which the children have loved. They then enjoyed Christmas dinner and Christmas jumper day. Then we had a visit from Father Christmas on party day, played some wonderful party games and had some party food.

Vegetable and fruit investigation

To finish off the story of ‘Supertato’ the children investigated the different textures of fruit and vegetables that appear in the story.

They discussed and compared the varies seeds, how difficult it is to get into the raw vegetables and fruit. They also noticed the differing smells (pineapple was nearly everybody’s favourite). We talked about how to use the knives safely; and as well as all the lovely language, sharing and turn taking it also promoted problem solving and fine and gross motor skills.

Great team work Reception, Supertato would be proud!

St Elizabeth of Hungary

The children in Reception have been busy learning about St Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth was a Princess who had a kind heart and wanted to help the poor and sick people who lived outside the castle walls; she did this by giving them corn to make into flour and bread to eat.

The children in reception made their own bread, and had a go at making their own flour by grinding down corn and wheat. They also made beautiful red rose pictures, using celery sticks to paint with.

Literacy - Supertato Veggies Assemble

The children in Reception have really been enjoying the story of ‘Supertato Veggies Assemble’ by Sue Hendra.

This week the Evil Pea, from the story had come into the classroom and trapped the carrots in ice. The challenge was to free the carrots from the ice as quickly as they could. The children talked about how cold it was, were the Evil Pea might have made the ice with one child saying “he could have flown to the Arctic to get it”. They discussed that they needed to heat the ice up and turn it back into water.

When they had freed the carrots they carried on investigating with the lumps of ice and some made ice carrot soup.

19.11.2018 - carrots (4).JPG
19.11.2018 - carrots (6).JPG
19.11.2018 - carrots (7).JPG
19.11.2018 - carrots (8).JPG
19.11.2018 - carrots (10).JPG
19.11.2018 - Carrots (11).JPG
19.11.2018 - Carrots (12).JPG
19.11.2018 - Carrots (14).JPG