British Science Week

The children in Reception accepted the challenge of being scientists for the week. They all had to take part in 5 investigations to earn their Early Years Explorer Award.

Monday’s investigation was ‘Tunnel Building’ and they had to plan, design and build a tunnel using wet sand, pebbles and lolly pop sticks. They had to try at first to build with the materials by themselves then they could combine all 3.

Tuesday’s Challenge was ‘Be seen, Be safe’, were they had to discover which material was the best colour to wear at night in the dark.

Wednesday’s experiment was with ‘Skittles’ which caused much excitement… and they had to decide which plate the colour’s would run out of the sweets the quickest, the hot water or the cold water plate.

Thursday’s challenge was to make a ‘Time capsule’ which they will open at the end of Year 1.

Friday’s investigation was ‘Slippery slopes’, we talked about making it a fair test and the children made their predictions at the start to decide which liquid would be the quickest to the bottom of the shoot: oil, water, syrup and paint.

They all deserved their Early Years Explore Award, Well done Reception!