No Pen Day

As part of Mental Health Week we enjoyed our no pen day. We were still learning lots of new things but we found different ways to record our work. What fun we had playing fraction games, reading for pleasure and making an Emotion Axis to explore a character’s feelings. We even had a go at Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire!


Year 2 are exploring and developing skills in gymnastics. The children must use the correct technique and take care to work in a safe environment.

The children are trying to perfect the following key shapes; arch, back support, dish, front support, pike, star, straddle, straight and tuck.

We have included some photos from our ‘Top Teachers’ for next week. Can you identify the key shapes?


Northern Arts Factory

Year 2 have been working with Northern Arts Factory over the past 6 weeks learning about the life and work of Florence Nightingale. The children have thoroughly enjoyed using drama to show how Florence Nightingale changed the hospitals during the Crimean War. They have used hot seating, dance, thought-tracking and freeze frames to explore ideas and feelings. This has helped the children to develop their writing in History. To celebrate this fantastic work the children performed a drama for parents to watch. We hope you enjoyed it.

Hosannah Rocks!

Year 2 have worked very hard with |Year 1 over the past few weeks to retell the story of The First Christmas in their Key Stage Nativity. We are all very proud of each and everyone of them for their excellent singing, acting and participation in the show. Well done. We hope all of the parents enjoyed coming to watch us too!