New York, New York!

To launch the second stage of our Geography work, we visited New York for the day! Well......a virtual visit! We got to find out about the city itself, the food and some of the famous landmarks! We even wrote a postcard home after our amazing time there! Here we are at the hot dog stand tucking in to our treat!

World Book Day

We had a fantastic day dressing up as a book character. We enjoyed sharing who we had come as and why. During the day, we also listened to stories, designed book marks, wrote detailed character descriptions and even got to pair up with Reception Class to read a story to them. Have a look at our wonderful outfits in our gallery below.

Re - Reconciliation

To begin our topic on Reconciliation, we were asked to 'freeze frame' falling out with a friend and then reconciling with them. We had to think about our body language and facial expressions. We thought about how we felt during these events.