New York, New York

We had a surprise visit to New York as part of our Geography work on Cities and Rivers. We took a virtual sightseeing tour to visit many of the tourist attractions, including the Statue of Liberty. We then made Liberty's crown and torch as a souvenir of our visit. We also made a New York Flag and wrote a postcard about our adventures. We tasted some of the local cuisine, bagels and cream cheese for breakfast and a hot dog from a New York Hot Dog Stand. We had a fantastic afternoon!

English - Reciting poetry

Today, we looked at the poem 'Shrinking Violet'. First, we found all the fronted adverbials in the poem and highlighted them. Then after that, we got into groups to practise reciting our part of the poem. Finally, we performed the poem. We hope you enjoy it! (Can you spot all the fronted adverbials in this text?)

Maths - Solving problems

Today we played a game of mathematical pairs. We had to match a word problem card with the correct calculation card. When we found a matching pair we had to work out the answer. If we got it right we got to keep the cards. If the cards didn't match or we gave the wrong answer we had to put the cards back down. The winner was the person with most cards at the end of the game. We had lots of fun and learnt lots too.

Historical Art - Bell Beaker People pots.

In history we are learning about The Bronze Age at the moment. We have learnt about the Bell Beaker People who emigrated to Britain during The Bronze Age. It is thought that these people introduced Britain to bronze. The Bell Beaker people were also known for the bell shaped pots they made from clay and decorated beautifully. We decided decided to try and make and decorate our own pots. First we learnt how to make a pinch pot and then how to use clay tools to decorate it.

RE - In November We Remember

In November we remember the people who gave their lives for us in the World Wars. We also think about family and friends who have died. In preparation for Remembrance Day we have made pastel pictures and poppies. You can see our pastel pictures in the background of our photographs.

Art - Tints and shades

In art we have been learning about tints and shades. We have learnt that we gradually add small amounts of a colour to white paint to make tints of that colour. To make shades we gradually add tiny amounts of black paint to the colour. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Stone Age Art

In our history work we are learning about Pre-History: from The Stone Age to The Iron Age. We learnt that Stone Age people were the first artists, making cave paintings using natural materials. In our art lessons we made our own cave paintings using twigs, feathers and our fingers just like the Neolithic artists did.