We are a class of 33 pupils, 14 boys and 19 girls. We are taught by Miss Wood, Mrs Wilson and we are very lucky to have Mrs Pounder for our PE sessions. We are a happy and hardworking class who have a real energy for learning. Have a look at some of our photos!


A VERY well deserved treat for year 6 after approaching their SATs so maturely and with such perseverance. They made us all so proud! A PJ and goodies day was certainly in order!

Year 6 Blog 2018–19

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Year 6 are loving their class book ‘Kaspar, Prince of Cats’. On one of our lessons, we got into role as Johnny and Lizziebeth and predicted how their first conversation may go.


During the lead-up to SATs, year 6 took part in some yoga sessions. This was great for focusing their minds and relieving any worries or anxieties. The children thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learnt some great breathing techniques and poses.

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On World Book Day, year 6 had the opportunity to create some absolutely fabulous masks. This linked to our current English topic of ‘Alma’ (a creepy doll with a motionless face yet moving eyes!)

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On Thursday 14th March, four of our children from St. Mary’s were invited to attend a writing day at Ireland Wood Primary. They had a great day!


During World Book Week, we engaged in all sorts of interesting and fun activities! We dressed up as a word of our choice for our special ‘World Word Day’, we took part in crafts with Kathryn from Arty Animals, we enjoyed a drama workshop with Northern Arts Factory and some of us came back to school for a bedtime story session. We all had a brilliant week!


The whole school raised awareness and learnt about mental health during their Mental Health Week. During this time, we took part in so many activities to look after our minds such as meditation, a nature walk, fitness activities, yoga, a climbing wall and so much more!

We had a great week and loved learning new skills to look after our minds.


Year 6 currently have a VERY interesting science topic called ‘Body Pump’. We are learning about the heart! We have conducted some interesting experiments, learning about the parts of a heart by dissecting a real one, and also creating ‘blood soup’ to find out the components of the blood.

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Year 6 kicked off Spring Term 1 with an exciting ‘Bridges’ project. For this, they completed a research project on Isambard Kingdom Brunel, creating a non-chronological report. Then, they practised their sketching skills, creating images of different types of bridges. Finally, they were able to design and make their own bridge using art straws and other resources. The class had a fantastic time doing this and most groups worked excellently as teams. The winning bridge held a total weight of 130 grams before collapsing! Great fun had by everyone involved!


Year 6 are currently learning about what happened during Holy week, with a focus on how Jesus was treated and whether it was fair. We are also going to learn about how we commemorate Holy Week nowadays.

For this, the class worked in groups to act out one of the days from Holy Week. They were then asked to ‘freeze frame’ and were asked questions about how they’re acting and why. Other group members were then quizzed on how they felt about how the other person was behaving. We had some very interesting and opinionated discussions which led to some wonderful writing!


Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic day at Lotherton Hall. We all dressed up as WWII evacuees (equipped with name labels and gas mas boxes) and were evacuated to a huge home in the countryside. Here, we were met by a very strict housekeeper. We learnt various skills such as first aid and morse code. We had the opportunity to handle several genuine WWII artefacts which was fascinating!

The children were impeccably behaved and made the St. Mary’s staff very proud. A great day had by everyone!

Click on the photos below to see what we got up to during the course of the day.


We had an INCREDIBLE time in Peat Rigg! Year 6 were so brave, persevered throughout everything and worked excellently as teams. Both the Peat Rigg and St. Mary’s staff were so proud of the way the children approached the whole week. Soon, a vast amount of photographs will be uploaded here. For now though, so we don’t spoil our Peat Rigg assembly, here is a small snapshot of our time in Peat Rigg.


Once a week, our year 6 pupils get together with their Reception ‘buddies’. This is one of our favourite times of the week! At the moment, we are getting to know them through play and exploration. Soon though, we will start learning together!