We are a class of 33 pupils, 14 boys and 19 girls. We are taught by Miss Wood, Mrs Wilson and we are very lucky to have Mrs Pounder for our PE sessions. We are a happy and hardworking class who have a real energy for learning. Have a look at some of our photos!


Given 5/11/18, due 9/11/18


Create an acrostic poem about Bonfire Night. Each line needs to be more than just one word. I would like to see one simile, one piece of personification, some alliteration and a range of powerful adjectives. You can either write it in your homework book or do it on the computer and print it off.

If you want, draw a picture with it.


We have been learning how to do long division. Complete these calculations in your homework book, showing your working out.

234 ÷ 12 =          523 ÷ 14 =          7341 ÷ 22 =          3452 ÷ 15 =          5231 ÷ 13 =

Spellings Given 5/11/18, test 9/11/18

Non-negotiable Spellings for this half term

Please learn these spellings as best as possible for Friday. They will be our focus for the half term.

 recommend      relevant

restaurant      signature

sincere      immediately

soldier      stomach

sufficient      suggest


Year 6 had an absolutely fantastic day at Lotherton Hall. We all dressed up as WWII evacuees (equipped with name labels and gas mas boxes) and were evacuated to a huge home in the countryside. Here, we were met by a very strict housekeeper. We learnt various skills such as first aid and morse code. We had the opportunity to handle several genuine WWII artefacts which was fascinating!

The children were impeccably behaved and made the St. Mary’s staff very proud. A great day had by everyone!

Click on the photos below to see what we got up to during the course of the day.


We had an INCREDIBLE time in Peat Rigg! Year 6 were so brave, persevered throughout everything and worked excellently as teams. Both the Peat Rigg and St. Mary’s staff were so proud of the way the children approached the whole week. Soon, a vast amount of photographs will be uploaded here. For now though, so we don’t spoil our Peat Rigg assembly, here is a small snapshot of our time in Peat Rigg.


Once a week, our year 6 pupils get together with their Reception ‘buddies’. This is one of our favourite times of the week! At the moment, we are getting to know them through play and exploration. Soon though, we will start learning together!