Online Safety

The Momo Challenge

Concerned schools and parents are increasingly aware of the very sinister Momo Challenge which has reportedly been appearing in children’s YouTube videos, causing great panic and upset.

You will find a useful link below for further support, issued by National Online Safety .

National Online Safety

Below is a link to the Safer Internet Day website. This will take you to the Parents' section that has a wealth of advice and information regarding keeping your child safe online.

Safer Internet Day 2019

You will also find some useful resources below that you can use with your own family to promote safe online use for your children.

Parenting in a digital world online

Conversation Starters 2019

Fun things to do 2019

Get involved 2019

Information and online resources 2019

Internet Safety plan 2019

Pack overview 2019

Quick activities 2019

Parental controls


Password hints and tips

Video - how to pick a proper password

Hacking, phishing, fraud

Safe Search Engines

Please find below some appropriate search engines for children to use:



Safe Search

Gaming Safety

Please find below a number of guides to keep your child safe when gaming online:

Nintendo Switch




Nintendo 360